Patterned Fingerless Gloves


Product Description


Our Fairisle mitts are beautiful, long-lasting and distinctively different. Wonderfully warm hand knitted fingerless mittens, available in a range of fun colours and Fairisle designs, with long wrists (or short wrists if you prefer - just let us know in the Instructions box). We usually have lots in stock, just tell us the primary colours and we can do the rest.

Fancy something totally unique? Hermione was a wonderful knitter, who sadly died recently. Her mitts never quite corresponded one mitt with the other but that was their character and we often got people asking specifically for mitts that had been knitted by her. In her honour we will continue to call them Hermione's mitts. If you order a pair, they won't be knitted by Hermione but will be as close as we can get to her wonderful quirkiness, and no-one else will have the same pair as you!