Our Story

Almost Unwearoutable began nearly 80 years ago as a shop selling hand-knitted socks and stockings in Corbridge, Northumberland, it was run by William Nichol, who had been trading in the same village since 1936. The shop closed in the late 1970’s and Almost Unwearoutable became a mail order business. Victoria Craig ran it for almost 40 years and it quickly flourished under her care, then gained a worldwide reputation with the opening of a website in 2002. 

The quirky designs, superb quality and long-lasting nature of the socks and stockings means we have a healthy number of loyal customers worldwide. The bespoke motifs and customised sizes offered by Almost Unwearoutable appeal to a broad market, and the company’s reputation has gone from strength to strength. We have increased our range over the years, and now sell a selection of sweaters, both sleeveless and long sleeved in all sizes from newborn to adult XXL, as well as hats, gloves, scarves and much more! Our original values of top quality hand knitted clothing and accessories, is as true today as it was when the business first began. We specialise in exclusive, custom-made accessories, and can match your estate tweed, racing, school/university, or regimental colours to name a few. Hats and stockings can carry your personalised message as a one-off gift. We also specialise in making kilt hose to go with virtually every tartan. We can put three colours on the top of the stocking with the 'Tweed' pattern, or hand knit you a full argyle pair. If you are not sure what colours to use (colours often look different on the screen) you can send us a swatch of your tartan, or even just give us the name, and we will sort it out for you. 

 Unique pieces, each knitted in Northumberland or County Durham by a carefully chosen team of hand-knitting experts.

 Stylish, hard-wearing and created just for you. However thin or well developed your legs, how large or small your feet, we can make socks to fit you. We care passionately about our garments, and everything is designed, handmade and checked by us to make sure you receive the best quality possible. We supply the Disabled Living Foundation as we can knit socks for very swollen feet and ankles. We can also give your socks different foot sizes. We even have a one legged customer who buys single socks from us! 

 All pieces are made from the same machine washable wool. 75% virgin wool with 25% polyamide for added strength. The socks also have a reinforcing thread in the toes and heels making them almost unwearoutable!

The Corbridge shop, circa 1962!