Beagling Stockings


Product Description

We make a lot of beagling stockings, supplying packs up and down the country, from schools to military packs and even fell packs, and have now given them their own home! These are an 8 ply classic stocking, although we can also make them in 4 ply if you prefer a thinner sock. Just go to the classic stockings page and order them from there! 

These stockings will get you through most undergrowth, will keep you warm (but not too hot) and will last and last - a bit like the Duracell bunny of the sock world! They are excellent at wicking away moisture, giving you comfortable feet all day, no matter how far you roam. They measure 19” from the base of the heel to the back of the knee and have a reinforcing thread through the toe and heel to stop them wearing though. 

As with all our socks and stockings they are machine washable at 40 degrees, but please don't tumble dry them. 

Need more length, or extra width, just let us know in the special instructions box. We can't make these wider, but we can knit them at a looser tension for more stretch over well developed calves!

Ordering from the USA? Just put your US shoe size in the special instructions box.