Argyle Kilt Hose/Stockings


Product Description

Now you have the answer to what is worn beneath a kilt... our classic kilt hose! These eye-catching stockings are a perennial favourite, available in a variety of colours to complement your tartan. They are hand knitted the traditional way, on two and four needles, and take some time to complete. Please be patient, they will not be in tomorrow's post! 

How do I choose my colours? Select your colours from the menu. As a guide to help you, the base colour is the colour of the foot. The secondary and third colours are the diamonds and the highlight colour is the line which runs through them. The hose in the main picture have a base colour of teal, sage as the secondary colour and a black highlight. If you've got any questions about which colours are the best match, just get in touch - or just tell us your tartan and we'll select the colours for you. If you only want 2 colours and a highlight, as in the first picture, just select No Colour as the third option.

Tops. If you don't specify we will knit you a turnover top, but we can also knit a castellated top, which was traditionally worn with evening dress. The tops of these stand up, with the garters on show. *You will definitely need a garter / tie or they will fall down, as there is nothing to hold them up, and you really won't look the part if they are round your ankles! 

The average leg length for kilt hose is 16 inches (42 cms) to where the stocking turns over, or 17" for a shoe 11 and above. The bottom half of your knee should be visible. If you require extra (or less) length, just make a note in the Special Instructions box.

Ordering from the USA? Just pop your USA shoe size in the Special Instructions box.

These stockings are available in 4ply only. Well developed legs? There is a £10 charge for socks which are above the normal size range (Calf wider than 17½" and leg length longer than 20")